Hannah Farrs Christmas card collaboration.

Introducing Illustrator Hannah Farrs and her adorable rescue Marnie.
This Christmas we've been lucky enough to team up with illustrator Hannah Farrs to create our bespoke Christmas cards! Hannah specialises in pet portraiture, capturing fur babies love and energy in paint form. We instantly feel in love with her colourful, detailed and playful designs. We had a chance to have a talk about her work, inspirations and her loveable French bulldog Marine.



How long have you been creating your gorgeous illustrations?

Been a full-time Illustrator for 3 years, before that I went to University and studied illustration and print making which was back around 9 years ago. I had Illustration as a “side-hussle” whilst undertaking numerous retail jobs. However, Illustration then started to take over my “normal job” so I made the leap into the freelance world. Best and scariest thing I’ve done.


What do you love most about being an illustrator?

The pure freedom and the forever learning aspect of it. Having an idea in your head and unwinding it onto paper. I love designing and creating my greetings cards, I’ve got a “idea’s notebook” which ever greetings card illustration idea starts out like that.  However mainly you can work in your PJ’s all day if you want to. Haha!

Tell us about Marnie and how you met?

Awww thank you, it was luckily weird how Marnie came to me. I had been on the lookout for a rescue dog for ages, ever since moving into my home back last year which had a garden. Then my mums friend rang up one morning saying that she has a French bulldog which is looking for a new home. My mum’s friend brought Marnie round to see if we’d like her and I fell in love! Had to run to the pet shop as we had no bed, food, lead anything for her as she was such a surprise. :-D

Tell us what makes Marnie special?

Her tail is like a bunny’s tail! completely round like a grey cotton ball and when she jumps, it’s like a little pong similar to a bunny….ah so cute!

What is something unusual about you that not everyone knows?

Lover of house plants, buying the discounted dead ones in garden centres and bringing them back to life. I’ve managed to grow a rather poorly looking sweetheart plant to around 12 feet now in which it climbs all the way up my stair banister.


How do you stay inspired working from home?

It’s a little difficult during lockdown days, however I find the people I follow on Instagram are mainly artists, from ceramic artists to jewellery makers to sign painters, all of them keep my head ticking over with ideas. At the moment I’m excited over seeing people making these rugs with this big needle tool called tufting, hoping to give it a try in the new year. Also due to mainly illustrating animals, going on a good old dog walk and people/dog watching helps inspire, I try to capture pet’s characteristics; such as their playfulness, maybe a sassy attitude in my art work, and so watching them with their owners is such a source of inspiration.


What items on your desk could you not live without?

Paint and brushes, and also my phone to listen to a good podcast, in the background while I work. I find it difficult working in silence, because I think too much on what I’m painting. I like to try and get into a work flow balance when your concentrating on painting, letting your hands and eyes subconscious do their thing.

How do you keep your Frenchie occupied whilst working from home?

Purchased one of those Yuka chews which is made from Yak’s milk, and she can chew that for hours. If not, she sleeps in the chair next to my desk, sometimes resting her head on my lap as she snores and Frenchie farts away.


And finally, what do you have planned for Christmas?!

Because I have been in full power beast work mode for the last 3- 4 months, bursting out pet portraits on my Etsy shop and doing 12 hour painting days. Christmas Day is a day off where I don’t feel guilty. I can finally relax, I may shove some food in the oven here and there, but mainly going to sit on the sofa, feet up, watch a movie and eat.


Discover Hannah’s incredible work of gorgeous cards, portraits and more by clicking here on her etsy page.

You can also follow her on Instagram @hannahfarrs







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