Today Bark and Tumble turns 1!


Yes, one year since I opened the online store on June 17th 2019.
I have had an influx of new Instagram followers over the past few weeks.
Thanks for coming along and better yet, thanks for sticking around.
I have always loved design and fashion, although at times I have been shy to showcase my work. However, I stand proudly with the brand that I have created and continue to grow!  I have found something so beautiful and so special, creating garments for our pups. Focusing on quality, craftsmanship and design. The more people that tell me they love their items, the more motivated and driven I am to create more.
My first year
The main focus for the first year was to create staple items a classic fit sweatshirt and hoodie. This allowed me to focus on producing and designing only 2 products. I think it is always important to start small when setting up a business. Focusing on fit, quality of the garments and the core details. This allowed me to gain relevant feedback for the products to make them the best I can for all my customers. Through building a great loyal customer base I have been able to gain beautiful friendships which I am truly grateful for. Building a community and Bark and Tumble family.
The last 3 months
Due to the current circumstances of lockdown things have slowed down. Stock has been delayed which mean inventory has been slow. Managing my health and running a start-up business continues to be a challenge, as my business depends on me to be fit and well. I have SLE lupus which is an autoimmune disease that I am learning to manage, so I listen to my body and rest when I can. The added pressure of shielding has had an impact as I have to be extra careful. At times is has been easy to lose track of direction, become overwhelmed, unfocused and loose my creativity. However, my passion and love for the brand and your continued support enables me to grow, focus and stay driven.
What's next?
 I am using my energy to work on reinventing and redefining the brand whilst reflecting on the beauty of art and the skilfulness of craftsmanship and falling more in love with the brand. I have tasked myself with pattern cutting new clothing, sourcing new materials and looking for new ways of production for new products.
With a lot of ups and downs along the way, here we are today, thank you for joining me, liking me, relating to me, believing in me, supporting me and cheering me on from around the world. I am continuing to test and sample all our future products, ready to bring you the freshest new collections for your pup's indoor and outdoor living. 
I cannot wait to see what you all think! 
As I work ever closer towards the goal of becoming a household name for you and your pups, the aim for the next year of Bark and Tumble is to expand the range and bring you more products. This is set to include a new essentials collection, collars, leads and dog bowls.
As a brand, Bark and Tumble is also on a journey towards a more sustainable future.
Once again, thank you to every single one of you who continues to love and support Bark and Tumble as much as I do. As an extra thank you, I want to offer you all 15% off all clothing with the code BIRTHDAY15, valid from 17th June till 21st June.

Kind regards, 
Leah Bertram
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