The story of Bark and Tumble begins with our founder and CEO, Leah Bertram. Raised in the cosmopolitan city of Cardiff and having lived in London, Leah has always been drawn to the world of fashion and design, taking her creative influences from art, music and culture.

With a degree in Fashion Design from Nottingham Trent University, Leah has been working in the fashion industry for the last 4 years, ranging from high street brands to luxury designers. She began her career designing menswear, focussing on function and simplicity by using luxury fabrics and fun print designs.
Before long, Leah decided that she wanted her very own fur-baby. She quickly fell in love with an adorable French Bulldog, who is now known to as “Fendi” the Frenchie – yes, she is named after the fashion designer! Having a passion for fashion and design, Leah noticed that there weren’t many options for new and exciting dog clothing. In fact, she often came across items that were not that durable and at times inadequate. Poor Fendi!
Leah quickly realised that other people felt the same as her, wanting quality, desirable and fashionable clothing, which took into consideration the care and comfort of dogs. With her pattern cutting experience and knowledge in fashion and design, she used her energy and creativity to design clothes for Fendi. Before long, this expanded into an entire line of unique clothing for dogs.
Leah continues to be the driving force behind Bark and Tumble, and is extremely passionate about creating products that you and your pets will enjoy wearing.  And she has so many ideas. So please keep watching this space ………